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Our event planning company provides full event management and event productions in Budapest and across Hungary since 2005. We manage and ensure our services for corporate events, conferences, award ceremonies, themed events, gala dinners, employee events, team buildings, family fun days and private events. We provide the best solutions which meet your objectives.

Corporate event management

Our event planning company provides full services that your corporate event may needs: venue liaison, food&beverages catering, design, entertainment, artist management, AV hire, hostess hire, photography and videography. We also provide our services for conferences, business events, award ceremony, gala night, employee party and team building events. We help to find the best venue for your event, conference, reception or any occasion in Budapest and over Hungary. We also provide Danube river boats to hire for any event in Budapest.

Private events and weddings

We organize and manage private events, parties and wedding receptions in Budapest and throughout Hungary. We ensure full event management and help to find the best wedding venue or party location. Danube river boat hire is also available for any private occasion, party and wedding, including wedding ceremony by your choice.

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You can find more details of Danube river cruise, river boat hire for events and hostess hire on our additional websites. For more information of Danube river boat hire and event boat rental, go to Budapest Boat Cruise website. For more information of event hostess hire, visit our Hostess Agency’s website clicking on Budapestevent Hostess.